Easy to use

Compact Patented Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System saving space and time

IoT Enabled

IoT enabled systems for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance with minimal intervention

Energy Efficient

Works on the principle of vacuum distillation with vapour re-compression technology


Our mechanism does not require any manpower to function saving you on costs and efficiency

Why Choose Us for Industrial Wastewater Treatment?

Biznustek Systems Private Limited was set up in 2014 to evolve business systems through innovation, design and development. We are one of the leading Industrial Wastewater Treatment manufacturer, which is acclaimed for high operational efficiency and low maintenance. Apart from this, we also offer flexible engineering consultancy services to our esteemed clients. Our newest innovation – Akvazen® is here to change how the industrial water treatment industry works.

Akvazen® is here to save you more money and more water. A unique patented technology, where our solution treats processed water within the plant and ensures zero liquid discharge. This makes it convenient for industries to save on wastewater hauling costs while meeting the stringent Zero Liquid Discharge System.

A cutting-edge zero liquid discharge system, Akvazen® turns industrial processed water into clear, fresh, distilled water that could be used in a diverse list of industries in a fast, cost-effective, and eco-friendly manner.

Industrial wastewater treatment manufacturer

Facts And Figure About Akvazen®


Reduction in Water Replenishment Costs 


Easy to Dispose Highly Concentrated Waste 


 ROI within 2 Years of Akvazen Installation


Energy Savings Owing to Process Optimisation

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